The Truth Mat is a tough poly vinyl fish-measuring mat, used by anglers, to measure and photograph fish upon. The Truth Mat is digitally printed onto a high quality, tear / wear resistant poly vinyl material, designed to last for years with a little care.

STANDARD TRUTH  MATS: The standard Truth mats are an "off the shelf" mat able to be purchased at any time in any quantity. They are available in 2 sizes and several styles relating to target species, such as Bream, Bass, Barra, and Murray Cod with more coming soon. Features of standard mats include,fully stitched outside hem, elastic straps, handy knot illustrations, "Truths" facts about the target species, an external "quick check ruler" and a 50mm plastic angle at the zero end (some other mats on the market have aluminium angle which tends to cut into the mat when folded (and feet if trodden on.)